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Lineage 2 Warpgate 10x - (old L2 Playervibe) is back! (October 31st!)


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Lineage 2 Warpgate 10x - (old L2 Playervibe) is back! (October 31st!)

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Posto em ingles galera porque tenho copy paste dos outros forums!

Lineage II Warpgate - Interlude

Website: http://www.lineage2warpgate.com Still under development but online!
Forum: http://boards.lineage2warpgate.com/ Start Drama!
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Lineage2Warpgate Join Us Now!

Closed Beta: October 31st For being choosen, please register at our Forum and introduce yourself, or simply join us at our Facebook Page.
Official Lunch: November 3rd Times will be around 19:00 UK Time.

Hello Lineage II community, most of you know the old L2 World, a.k.a. L2 Playervibe server. Was a pleasent server, with massive pvp all times, especially during sieges and raid boss times. Buff Stations around the cities and villages. And with some great features and exclusive ones. Was also build throw L2 OFF.
I present to you a well featured server, known by many players, new features, less farming, more pvp.
Currently, L2 Warpgate is a unique farming and pvp server, with one world. Bartz 10x has been worked and reworked until official lunch! Nowadays Bartz is hosted with the following specification:

Intel Core i5-2400 4x3.1+ GHz
16 GB DDR3 Memory
2x 2TB - SATA2
DDOS Protection

Our goal is to provide you a stable, lagless, enjoyable environment with the cost of in game balance.
We will be fully operative has concerning for updates, feedback, support, and being originals from other server with our own programming language and Knowledge.
The server has been under development for 1 year.

Admins: Supreme / Armaggedon

  • Farming and PVP
  • In general: Low Rate 10x
  • XP Rate: 10x
  • SP Rate: 10x
  • Party XP Rate (Normal Rate): 2x
  • Party SP Rate (Normal Rate): 2x
  • Quest XP Rate: 10x
  • Quest SP Rate: 10x
  • Adena Rate: 10x
  • Drop Rate: 10x
  • Spoil Rate: 10x
  • Quest Drop Rate: 10x
  • Quest Reward: 10x
  • Quest Adena Reward: 10x
  • Extract Fish Rate: 10x

  • Safe Enchant: +3
  • Normal Enchant Rate: 33%
  • Blessed Armor Enchant Rate: 66%
  • Blessed Weapon Enchant Rate: 66%
  • Weapon Max Enchant: retail like (no limit) (Enchant Rate will be lowering as you enchant your weapon)
  • Armor Max Enchant: retail like (no limit) (Enchant Rate will be lowering as you enchant your weapon)

  • 24 Normal Buff Slots + 12 Dances / Songs Slots + Debuff Slots
  • Town Buffer (No Resists / No Prophecies / No Cov or Magnus / No Cubics / No Cat / No Unicorn / No Siren's Dance)

    • Resists:

      • Mental Shield (60minutes)
      • Chant of Protection (60minutes)
      • Chant of Spirit (60minutes)
      • Magnus Chant (60minutes)

    • Buffs:

      • Windwalk (60minutes)
      • Berserker Spirit (60minutes)
      • Blessed Body (60minutes)
      • Blessed Soul (60minutes)
      • Shield (60minutes)
      • Magic Barrier (60minutes)
      • Haste (60minutes)
      • Might (60minutes)
      • Death Whisper (60minutes)
      • Focus (60minutes)
      • Guidance (60minutes)
      • Agility (60minutes)
      • Acumen (60minutes)
      • Empower (60minutes)
      • Wild Magic (60minutes)
      • Concentration (60minutes)
      • Blessed Shield (60minutes)
      • Advanced Block (60minutes)

    • Dances:

      • Dance of Fury (60minutes)
      • Dance of Fire (60minutes)
      • Dance of Inspiration (60minutes)
      • Dance of Warrior (60minutes)
      • Dance of Vampire (60minutes)
      • Dance of Concentration (60minutes)
      • Dance of Mystic (60minutes)
      • Dance of Light (60minutes)

    • Songs:

      • Song of Wind (60minutes)
      • Song of Earth (60minutes)
      • Song of Warding (60minutes)
      • Song of Vitality (60minutes)
      • Song of Life (60minutes)
      • Song of Water (60minutes)
      • Song of Hunter (60minutes)
      • Song of Renewal (20minutes)
      • Song of Champion (20minutes)
      • Song of Meditation (20minutes)

  • Normal Char Buffs (Buff Stations)
    ATTENTION: All sorts of bots (Walker, L2Net L2Tower) allowed for Buff Stations INSIDE TOWNS! like old Lineage 2 World / Playervibe Server. If you dont respect those and use bots for other purposes, we will imediatily ban your chars.

    • All Town Buffer buffs
    • Dances:

      • Dance of Fury (60minutes)
      • Dance of Fire (60minutes)
      • Dance of Inspiration (60minutes)
      • Dance of Warrior (60minutes)
      • Dance of Vampire (60minutes)
      • Dance of Concentration (60minutes)
      • Dance of Mystic (60minutes)
      • Dance of Light (60minutes)

    • Songs:

      • Song of Wind (60minutes)
      • Song of Earth (60minutes)
      • Song of Warding (60minutes)
      • Song of Vitality (60minutes)
      • Song of Life (60minutes)
      • Song of Water (60minutes)
      • Song of Hunter (60minutes)
      • Song of Renewal (20minutes)
      • Song of Champion (20minutes)
      • Song of Meditation (20minutes)

    • Cubics:

      • All Cubics (Retail Time)

    • Resists:

      • All Resists (60 minutes)

    • Prophecies including Cov and Magnus:

      • All Prophecies (4 minutes)

    • Cat and Unicorn:

      • All summoners buffs (Retail Time)

    • Siren's Dance:

      • Siren's Dance (Retail Time)

    • Other buffs not mentioned:

      • (Retail Time)

  • Fortress War
  • All Clan Halls War working
  • Seven Signs:

    • All Quests working properly (Retail Like)
    • 7 Signs (Retail Like)

  • Other instances not mentioned: (Retail Like)

  • Shots:

    • All: Craftable

  • Armors:

    • All until B grade Sellable (GM Shop)
    • Dynasty: Craftable (custom)
    • Icarus: Craftable (custom)
    • Epic Dark Assassin: Craftable (custom)

  • Weapons:

    • All until B grade: Sellable (GM Shop)
    • Dynasty: Craftable (custom)
    • Icarus: Craftable (custom)

  • Custom Stuff:

    • Clan Ring: Craftable **
    • Master Ring: Craftable **
    • Cloaks
    • Masks (Cov Mask / Prophecies Mask) - 60minutes buffs
    • Hybrids (Give more HP / CP / Mana)
    • Retail Season Events (Like catching a Tiger, Santa's Helper, a-beep-g others)
    • Custom Event Engine (TVT,DM,CTF, am-beep-g others)

  • Sieges:

    • Retail Like
    • 2 Weeks Period Cycle

  • Fortress Wars:

    • Retail Like

  • Olympiad System:

    • No feeding allowed
    • Min players for fighting: 4 (Normal and Class Based)
    • 1 Month Cycle
    • Retail System Like

  • Donations Availables:

    • Nobless
    • Class Changes
    • Level 80 (Normal and Sub Classes)
    • All sorts of custom stuff mentioned above (Armors, Weapons, Hybrids, Cloaks)

[**] - Clan Rings and Master Rings are essential tools for fighting alongside your clan mates. But what are these? And what difference do they make? Well, Clan Ring lets you getting ported back to your Clan leader at any moment, when he used the Master Ring skill (Works just like Gate Chant, but without party limitations,since you dont need to be in party). So if Your Clan Leader says, people everyone equip Clan Ring and prepare to get ported to me! You just have to equip it, and wait for him to recall you back with Master Ring skill.
How to get it: You need to get custom recipe, and register at some Maestro, then is up to you to find his materials and craft him. More details will be given at our Forum and Webpage.

Lineage 2 Warpgate (L2 World (Playervibe) ) old stuff:

Buff Station example:

Siege Waiting:

Custom Masks:

Master Ring:

Clan Ring:

Lineage 2 Warpgate old videos with old community (most of them comming back):



CareBears: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DwxJ4lFZAzI#

Some Siege: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8wqWO9ycQDY#

BBru: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vT8ivu7sspU#

Other Siege: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hG5UjZ54ilg#

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New news at thir Forum:
Closed Beta: "XP SP Boost" and "All Free" info [October 31st to November 3rd]

Hello L2 Warpgate community, both admins, me and Armageddon have decided to XP SP boost to 1000x instead 10x during Closed Beta phase. As well as all items will be sold throw an npc at Giran free of charge (no adena) for all players to test them.

Hope you like this ideia!


Grand Opening: XP SP Boost from 10x to 25x [November 3rd to 11th]

As you wanted, and because all community asking here it goes:

For the first weak of our L2 Warpgate Grand Opening, Server's XP and SP will boost to 25x, instead 10x.

You can also discuss more with us at our Forum don't forget:

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Hello again, just to post an announcement:

You can start creating your accounts now at our Website.
Remember that only Forum registered members and validated can enter Closed Beta!
Also you can join us throw Facebook if you dont want to register yet at our Forum and participate at Closed Beta.

Website: http://www.lineage2warpgate.com/
Forum: http://boards.lineage2warpgate.com/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Lineage2Warpgate

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Info Update!

We have talked with old Players from Playervibe at Forum and throw facebook and have decided to correct buffs info like it was at Playervibe.
Please review Buffs Info for your consideration, if you would like to tell us what you think, feel free to reply here: http://boards.lineage2warpgate.com/index.php?%2Ftopic%2F22-buffs-info-updated-feel-free-to-comment. Thank you.
PS: Last days for Closed Beta has begun! Don't miss this great Beta, by registering at our Forum or following us throw our Facebook Page!

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